A selection of books edited, layouted, and written by mab since 1993. A list of all publications, dating back to our first published research projects in CRIT (Student Journal of the AIA) in 1984, can be viewed here.











A5 Architecture Series - Los Angeles


In 2009 mab joined forces with Cailfornia-based ORO ...

International Houses Atlas


mab curated, researched, edited, wrote, typeset, and layouted of the 2008 book "International Houses Atlas" published by Feierabend Unique Books (Berlin/Cologne). A licensed version ...

Frank O. Gehry 21 Works 1969-2006


On his trajectory from Southern California’s renegade junk architect to world class stature, Frank O.Gehry has spawned countless books. This one edited by mab provides a broad overview ...

Beach Houses


BeachHouses continues the successful Architecture Series by Feierabend Publishers. The 176-page books presents international examples of waterfront houses. As editor, mab is responsible for ...

XX Small Houses


If less is more, then smaller is better. If architecture could be reduced to a simple equation, than this one edited by mab would sum up the thesis of this book edited my mab. The new houses ...

Architecture Today


Architecture is presently at a dynamic turning point. In the ‘70s, harsh critique of monotonous Modernism provoked a complete rethinking in architecture. During the ‘80s, ...

Spain - Residential Architecture


In 2001-02 mab wrote the texts for Catalonia, Barcelona, Madrid, Andalusia, Calabria, and Galicia states for this 450-page volume published by Koenemann Publishers. In addition to analysis of ...

The New German Architecture


Published internationally by Rizzoli Publishers (English version) and Kohlhammer Verlag (German version), "The New German Architecture" offered a overview of the country's dynamic ...

Frank Gehry Edgemar Project Santa Monica Bauwelt 1989


Von den kargen Anfängen als Pioniernest bis hin zu ...

A Home in Berlin