A5 Architecture Series - Los Angeles 30. April 2010

In 2009 mab joined forces with Cailfornia-based ORO editions to create the a5 Architecture Series.

a = Architecture

5 = examples from the past five year time period

a5 = Worldwide Documentary Series on premier Architecture of the past 5 years


The „a5 Architecture Series“ is a new book series focusing on architecture, interiors, and landscapes in selected global metropolises that will be published by Gordon Goff's ORO editions (California/Singapore/Berlin). The a5 Series will showcase the world of architecture in such diverse metropolitan cities as Sao Paulo, Copenhagen, Shanghai, Berlin and Singapore.

The first book in the series - created under collaboration with LA partner Design Communications/Ann Videriksen - is dedicated to innovative new work surfacing in one of the world’s most creative architectural centers.


Publication Date: May 2010


Sample > here