A View on Architecture

This architecture is based in the Humanist tradition.


The thoughts and visions I encountered during my study of architecture at the University of Oregon and the Technical University in Stuttgart formed this position and laid the foundations for all which has come since.
My early publications on contemporary European architecture, especially the work on the Dutch architect Aldo van Eyck, continue to form the theoretical foundation for my work in architecture.
The guiding principle for my work was formed then and has remained to this day: Architecture is created primarily for the people which use and live in it. It cannot exist in an aesthetic vacuum.
This notion is surprisingly inclusive. One the one hand, it assures that architecture always first answers to human needs. At the same time this seemingly theoretical concept also includes attention to diverse practical considerations such as intelligent economy of resources, development of solid building details that stand the test of time, and sensible reduction of costs as necessary and possible.




Charles Casey Mathewson studied architecture in Oregon and Stuttgart. In 1988, he founded mab in Berlin, an institute devoted to building and research in architecture. This pdf in German (30 ...

Project List

In mab's 20 years of operation in Berlin a broad range of projects has been executed. For a complete listing of all projects please download this pdf (30 kb):



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Our Design Process

The inquisitive search for the architectural form which most exactly reflects the specific content of each project is facilitated through a clear process in which quick design studies are ...