mab receives Getty Library Research Grant 5. January 2011

The proposed research in the Getty Research Institute will enable publication of a  “Complete Works” monography on one of Southern California’s most significant modern architects, Ray Kappe.

The book is confirmed for publication by ORO editions in Fall 2012 and will be executed in direct collaboration with Ray Kappe.

Researching the materials at the Getty will augment the on-site and personal research to be conducted at sites of Kappe’s works and with him personally. The materials at the Getty will be assessed according to the principles already defined for the books organisation: the defining design strategies that have constantly formed Kappe’s work since he began practicing in 1955 – modular building systems, interconnection to landscape, prefab construction technologies, attention to detail and craft, glass/transparency, wood vs. steel construction, commonalities in public and residential work.

Select archive materials will also be selected for actual publication in the proposed book. This aspect will enrich the book with original archive material that will provide insight into the societal and architectural culture in Los Angeles since the mid-1950’s. Additionally, Kappe’s special role as an early environmentalist, and as such a notable precursor to today’s “green” architecture, will be a special focus of the book that will be underscored with research in the archive materials.