a5 Los Angeles Book by mab launched in Los Angeles 23. June 2010

Book Launch of a5 LA in LA's A+D Museum. Many of the architects featured in the came to hear introductory remarks by Ann Videriksen, Frances Anderton, Casey C.M. Mathewson and Gordon Goff. Among those in attendance were Shelly and Ray Kappe, Michael Lehrer, Patrick Tighe, Barton Myers, Doug Teiger and Trevor Abramson, Randall Stout, Austin Kelly, and Benny Chan. 

mab  has created and realized the first book of the a5 Architecture series „a5 Los Angeles“ in collaboration with California-based ORO editions publishers.  Research and implemention of the project, wherein 22 architecture firms from Southern California’s creative metropolis are presented, was carried out over a two year timeframe. Casey C.M. Mathewson is the series editor and carried out the selection of published projects. In his introductory essay he provides in-depth analysis of the present-day situation of architecture in Los Angeles, seen in retrospect to the moving history of contemporary architecture here over the past 70 years. As a special focus for the book, Mathewson selected 20 buildings for precise analysis of their construction detailing. Comprehensive construction detail drawings offer the rare chance to understand the actual construction technologies of the presented projects. The first edition of the book was printed in May 2010 and is now in worldwide distribution by ORO editions and the dynamic Malaysian publisher Page One.

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