Conversion of a historically listed hospital into apartments 3. January 2011

On the plots adjacent to Charlottenburg Castle Park diverse hospitals and health institutions were erected from 1900 on. Paul Bratring designed and built the main building from 1899-1901, the main entrance on Mollwitzstrasse is characterized by gracious brick architecture and the gardens designed by Ludwig Späth. After completion of the main building in 1901, Heinrich Seeling erected the west wing in Sophie-Charlotten-Strasse from 1913-1915 as a municipal orphanage. After the hospital was relocated to the Wenkebach Hospital in 2002, the site was purchased by the current owner with the intention of converting the historic structures into high-quality residential units. mab is executing the design and permit planning for estimated the 250 apartments that will be fitted out here from 2011 on.